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15 Most Inspiring Self-Love Quotes Every Confident Woman Should Read…And Live By

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Hola chica!It is safe to say that we all have experienced our fair share of “not so good” days at one point or another in life. Sometimes we let daily routines and commitments get the best of us and allow ourselves to keep going in circles putting out fires and neglecting our own needs. I sure have been there myself. I remember giving my all to the outer world and leaving myself dry. Consequently, this led me to experience stress and a big daily dose of hindering, self-deprecat[...]

Writing A Letter To Myself: A Healing Exercise.

I have a lineup of posts prepared for you. They are either about Self-Love or Instagram tips. Although, they usually do include an anecdote from me. They are pretty straight to the point in giving you the tips you came for.Today I am practicing some self-compassion and self-care, and I know that journaling is a very effective way to accomplish that.So this is where I let you know that this post is more for me than for anyone else. However, I am showing how you, too, can journal you[...]