15 Most Inspiring Self-Love Quotes Every Confident Woman Should Read…And Live By

Woman and books

Hola chica!It is safe to say that we all have experienced our fair share of “not so good” days at one point or another in life. Sometimes we let daily routines and commitments get the best of us and allow ourselves to keep going in circles putting out fires and neglecting our own needs. I sure have been there myself. I remember giving my all to the outer world and leaving myself dry. Consequently, this led me to experience stress and a big daily dose of hindering, self-deprecat[...]

Trying To Fit In Could Be The Reason Why Your Joy Is Gone… And Here Is What You Can Do To Fix It

Why you shouldn't try to fit in

Hola chica! I have never felt like I fit in in any particular group all the way. Thanks to this I have become a very strong and independent woman. I actually enjoy alone time and doing things by myself but that wasn’t always the case. When I was younger (especially in my young teen years) I tried to be like all those around me. I remember having a need to fit in more than anything when I first came to the United States. As a young teeneger I had left meaningful friendships back home and I wan[...]

Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Instagram Algorithm


Attention Influencer chicas!Instagram just released its latest algorithm, and for the first time, Instagram is opening up to explain how the algorithm, that controls the Instagram’s feed, works. That’s great news for us Instagram lovers!Essentially, the new Instagram algorithm update implies that newer posts are now more likely to appear first in feed. But this doesn’t mean that chronological order is back, the new Instagram algorithm is just a little bit more complex than t[...]

7 Incredibly Achievable Ways To Start Liking Your Body More

7 ways to start liking your body more

I recall spending hours obsessing about my body and the way it looks. I used to google my life away to find the latest diets to lose weight. In the past I would try these fad diets with the illusion to lose weight and get to a point where I could finally feel comfortable in my body. Needless to say that all these diets and attempts to shortcut my way to being in love with myself and body were a total fail. It took me many years to understand that feeling good about my body had less to[...]

I Hate My Job – 6 Ways To Remain Positive While You Prepare To Quit

In the last few months, I have been struggling to stay motivated towards my goals while fulfilling my duties in my day job. I have the privilege to work for myself and from home which is a very cool thing and something I should remain grateful for. Working for myself has a few cool perks but unfortunately, my needs and desires have drastically changed in the past few years. The path I chose to walk is one I am no longer in alignment with. This causes me much stress and fatigue on a dai[...]

Writing A Letter To Myself: A Healing Exercise.

I have a lineup of posts prepared for you. They are either about Self-Love or Instagram tips. Although, they usually do include an anecdote from me. They are pretty straight to the point in giving you the tips you came for.Today I am practicing some self-compassion and self-care, and I know that journaling is a very effective way to accomplish that.So this is where I let you know that this post is more for me than for anyone else. However, I am showing how you, too, can journal you[...]

How To Add Live Hashtags & User Handles To Your Instagram Bio…And Why You Should Use It…Pronto!

How to add live hashtags and usernames to your Instagram bio

Hola Boss Chica! I bring Instagram tips and Instagram news! If you are an Instagram lover or avid user like me, you need to know the latest on our go-to app. The Instagram bio just got a facelift! But no worries, this time the facelift actually looks good! Lol Instagram is now allowing its users to add live hashtags and username handles within their bio! You have always been able to add hashtag text to your bio, but those hashtags didn’t go anywhere because they were not cli[...]

How To Display More Links In Your Instagram Bio…Gratis!

How to display more links on your Instagram bio

Hola Boss Chica!Today we are optimizing that Instagram bio! Like me, you might have more than one link to share, but only one place to place a link on your Instagram bio...Sometimes you want to display your latest blog post, your podcast, and maybe a link to your lead magnet on your bio.Unfortunately, Instagram only gives us space for one link in our bio. However, there are more than a few tools that allow you to take advantage of that one link and actually drive traffic to multipl[...]

47 Extremely Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love

47 ways to practice self-love

So we hear it all around. "Love yourself more" they say over and over. You know Self-Love is important, but you just don't know where to begin.Chica, let me just tell you that, although the journey can be tough, it doesn't have to be complicated. There are simple steps you can start implementing right now that will place you on the right path.The most important thing about Self-Love is paying attention to your inner guidance, providing your body and soul what it needs. That being s[...]

Self-Love Especialmente For Latinas. Quierete Mija!

Self-Love For Latinas

I grew up, like most Latina girls, idolizing the women I saw on screen. I recall like it was yesterday watching “Maria La Del Barrio” or “La Usurpadora” and every beauty pageant available.Fast forward to now and you won’t catch me watching any of those things. Although I loved them growing up, I understand things I didn’t before.I remember how these actresses and models were glorified for their beauty, their hair, their height, etc. I also remember wanting to be like th[...]

7 Things You Should Be Doing If You Want More Instagram Followers

7 things you should be doing if you want more Instagram followers

When I started my Instagram, I grew it from about 100 followers to 4,808 in a few months. And because sharing is caring today I am telling you everything I implemented to achieve this.When I started my second account I felt so lost. I decided to start it after going to acting classes and socializing with other aspiring actors.I realized that most people that were serious about creating an online presence had separate accounts where they had creative freedom and didn't share very in[...]