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Trying To Fit In Could Be The Reason Why Your Joy Is Gone… And Here Is What You Can Do To Fix It

Why you shouldn't try to fit in

Hola chica! I have never felt like I fit in in any particular group all the way. Thanks to this I have become a very strong and independent woman. I actually enjoy alone time and doing things by myself but that wasn’t always the case. When I was younger (especially in my young teen years) I tried to be like all those around me. I remember having a need to fit in more than anything when I first came to the United States. As a young teeneger I had left meaningful friendships back home and I wan[...]

7 Things You Should Be Doing If You Want More Instagram Followers

7 things you should be doing if you want more Instagram followers

When I started my Instagram, I grew it from about 100 followers to 4,808 in a few months. And because sharing is caring today I am telling you everything I implemented to achieve this.When I started my second account I felt so lost. I decided to start it after going to acting classes and socializing with other aspiring actors.I realized that most people that were serious about creating an online presence had separate accounts where they had creative freedom and didn't share very in[...]

4 Easy Habits to Have a Better Day!

A better day

I am a big believer of taking baby steps to improve whatever it might be we're working on. Today I want to share with you four (super easy to implement) habits that will help make your day better... If you're anything like the rest of us. You have good days and not so good days. Because in life sometimes things turn out different from what we expect or want. But this shouldn't discourage you. Everything in life is about perspective. Here are four little habits that if applied consistently[...]