I am Ana Benzán. Welcome to my online home!

Gracias por estar aqui! or “thank you for being here” if you failed Spanish class in high school, lol.

Let’s get comfy and a bit personal here… I started blogging as a way to socialize and share the things that I love! In my daily life I love reading inspiring material, taking care of my body through healthy eating and physical activity and sharing my daily struggles, wins and lessons with you all. I absolutely love coffee, nice comfy outfits and good books. It is my priority as an influencer to nurture a community I can inspire & help.

This site was born as an extension of my Instagram familia. I needed a space to share my favorite Self-Love and Lifestyle tips. My blog is where I connect with likeminded individuals and foster a community that feels like home. Recently, I updated and relaunched my blog with a new and ambitious vision; to promote Self-Love and lend advice to other Latina influencers.

When I started blogging I wasn’t sure of what to create or how this would play out. Now, I find myself thinking about my blog and its impact everyday. It has changed my life and the way I see myself and my abilities. I hope that the content within this blog will do the same for you too!

Maybe you found me on Instagram or perhaps you came across one of my posts on Pinterest. Whatever the case may be, I am thrilled we are connecting. This is not monologue but a dialogue, so feel free to leave me a bit about yourself in the comment box below. What do you do and how did you come across my blog? Is there any specific topic you’d like me to cover here? Tell me! I am reading every comment! Eres Latin@? Dejame un saludo y cuentame de ti o de como te puedo ayudar!

This is a place full of info and inspo, so grab your favorite drink, sit back and enjoy!

Besos, Ana

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