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I Hate My Job – 6 Ways To Remain Positive While You Prepare To Quit

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6 Ways To Remain Positive While You Prepare To Quit

In the last few months, I have been struggling to stay motivated towards my goals while fulfilling my duties in my day job. I have the privilege to work for myself and from home which is a very cool thing and something I should remain grateful for.

Working for myself has a few cool perks but unfortunately, my needs and desires have drastically changed in the past few years. The path I chose to walk is one I am no longer in alignment with.

This causes me much stress and fatigue on a daily. Although I don’t dislike my job or the people and children I get to work with, I do feel drained.

Let me give you the story so you understand where I’m at right now.

How I Got To The Job That No Longer Inspires Me.

6 ways to remain positive in a job you don't likeA few years ago I opened up my childcare program at my home. It was a dream come true for me as I always wanted to gain the necessary experience and capital to open up childcare centers.

To me, it was the perfect work. I love children and it was a type of work that made me feel like I was giving back to my community.

After running my own program for about two years I started feeling the need for something more. I wanted to be able to travel the world to meet and possibly help other people.

At that moment I realized that having childcare centers was not for me anymore. I understood they would require years to get them to place where I could delegate all daily tasks to others while I lived the laptop lifestyle I always dreamt of.

As I discovered this, my passion for blogging and social media kept growing. About a year ago I decided to take my blogging more seriously and make it my work.

So exciting!

Also, so scary!

As you know, everything takes time to build. Just like my childcare program took time to generate sufficient money. My blogging will also take time to give a solid and reliable income I can fully depend on. It’s process.

As I build this side hustle, which I ambitiously plan to make my full time work, I still have to put in 9-11 hour days with my childcare business.

Some days I get most of my tasks completed. Others, I can barely keep my eyes open. It’s a constant battle to survive here!

One thing I know is that maintaining a positive mental attitude is crucial to getting what you want. You can’t achieve greatness and bliss if you are constantly complaining about your reality.

You can’t always change your reality but you can always change your experience of it.

So today we are exploring actionable ways to keep our vibes high and bring our goals closer!

The recommendations you are about to read ahead have all been tried by me. I have experienced tangible, almost instant results from each one of them!

Ready? Vamonos!

Think About Your Next Move.

One thing that keeps me extra motivated is thinking about my future plans. I have big goals for my blog and I always think about the days when I can have more freedom over my time. I also like to fantasize what it will be like to be able to travel any time of the year without constraint. 

I hear a lot of people saying they want to leave their job but they never make the time to work on their own business or on building the necessary skills to increase their changes in finally landing their dream job.

Use the time at your current position to sharpen your skills and become more employable and/or to build the foundation you need to go solo on your own venture.

Be Grateful For Your Salary.

This is more about the perks having a steady job gets you rather than the actual amount of money you earn.

Think about the things and experiences your current job allows you to afford. The car payment you make on time or the girls’ night you can afford to experience every now and then. There is a reason you still have your job so I am sure that there are things you can be thankful for.

At the very least you can appreciate being able to pay the roof over your head and paying your necessary bills!

Think about all the worries having your current job frees you of. I am sure THAT alone will bring everything back into perspective and allow you to be more positive about where you are.

Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude.

Start by not giving into the temptation of being passive-aggressive in your emails and interactions with your coworkers. It’s hard, I know! But you just lose more than you gain when putting that kind of energy out there.

Give smiling more a try. I know you might not like your job but you don’t know when you might need a nice letter of recommendation from someone at work.

I also recommend you start making a list of all the positive things at your job. Think about the things in your workplace, position, and coworkers that you appreciate and might even miss when you move on to something you like better.

This will help you appreciate what is currently in front of you, helping you then attract better, more positive experiences into your life!

Dress Up A Little.

Listen, you know this works already. Although I do believe in working from the inside out, I also have experienced better mood after feeling “put together”. Sometimes you need to remind yourself to put a little thought and care in your appearance. Not so much for others, but to ignite that good “I am worth the extra time and pretty clothes” feeling. Comprendes?

Also, you attract what you FEEL! Do what you need to stay in that place of feeling good about yourself.

Which brings me to…

Only Talk About The Good (now and in your future).

I am sure you have heard about the power of the word before. Talking only about your problems and the negative things in your life actually makes you feel worse.

Sometimes we think that speaking about the things we don’t like is good venting and serves as therapy. However, there is a very thin line between acknowledging the thing you’d like to change and plan ol’ complaining.

When you talk to your friends just try to forget about your job and only bring up topics that uplift you and those around you. The power of the spoken word is real! So speak your dream job/business into existence!

Also, please don’t be that person who ALWAYS has something negative going on! Nobody wants to be friends with someone who can’t seem to ever see the beauty in anything.

Get Out Of Your Work Space.

I am typing this from my nearest Starbucks as we speak…because my home is my workspace. So I got out.You should too!

Being in the same space for so long can get really uninspiring. If you happen to work in an office, try going to a different place for lunch and breaks. Do something different like going to the park nearby.

Some of us have more flexibility than others but you can always innovate and challenge your routine. At the very least you can make your off days really exciting by setting space and intention to work on your next move.

Also, remember that life is more fun when you inject it with variety. Have your plans but also allow life to happen! Go watch a movie with friends or alone, work from a coffee shop, you could even schedule something fun during after work hours to make your week a bit more enjoyable

Feeling Better?

Do you love your job yet?! I bet not BUT I do hope you feel a bit more empowered to take charge of your workdays.

Like you, this is something I often struggle with. Feeling uninspired, frustrated and even locking myself in the bathroom to enjoy five tiny minutes of peace are known places to me.

Remember that you are not alone and that you have much more control over how you feel than you remember.

So make sure you think of your next move, remain grateful, practice a positive mental attitude, slay your looks, use the power of the spoken word and enjoy life outside of work this week and always!

Did you like your current job before? What changed? Please share in the comments below.

What is one positive thing your current job provides that you are grateful for?

Con mucho amor...

Ana Benzán
Ana Benzán

A tropical island born girl, digital educator, and blogger. My laptop, coffee, and WiFi are my version of Netflix and Chill. Oh! También hablo Español a la perfección. Whether you're here for Self-love or Mental Health content, or perhaps you're interested in reading about becoming an influencer from a Latina like myself. This space was designed with you in mind. Read on!

Ana Benzán
Ana Benzán

A tropical island born girl, digital educator, and blogger. My laptop, coffee, and WiFi are my version of Netflix and Chill. Oh! También hablo Español a la perfección. Whether you're here for Self-love or Mental Health content, or perhaps you're interested in reading about becoming an influencer from a Latina like myself. This space was designed with you in mind. Read on!

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  • paloma rodriguez
    April 26, 2018

    Very helpful tips!!! I also struggle with my current job which I dislike. I am working on my new path yet to discover. Thank you for supporting all of us, Latinas girls…

  • Reyna
    April 26, 2018

    Definitely have to make moves when you want to love the kind of work you do!

  • Jennyfer Parra
    April 26, 2018

    Game Changer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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