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7 Things You Should Be Doing If You Want More Instagram Followers

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7 things you should be doing if you want more Instagram followers

When I started my Instagram, I grew it from about 100 followers to 4,808 in a few months. And because sharing is caring today I am telling you everything I implemented to achieve this.

When I started my second account I felt so lost. I decided to start it after going to acting classes and socializing with other aspiring actors.

I realized that most people that were serious about creating an online presence had separate accounts where they had creative freedom and didn’t share very intimate family and personal affairs. It was all still about them, but a bit more filtered. They kept their accounts fun and full of value and/or information.

Like this girl I met in class. Her name, Rachel. Her style, super original and refreshing. We exchanged numbers and Instagram accounts. So I checked her account and holy crap! Her feed was beautiful. Since then I knew I needed to care more about IG.

Not because of the thousands of followers but because she was creating content that not only allowed her to share her passions but to build a community that enabled her to make her own way and open her own doors.

After that class she’s even been featured in magazines! Pretty cool huh. Instagram can be a great way to create an authentic community for yourself that supports your creativity, ideas or even your business.

I started reading and paying a bit more attention to Instagram. There are a few basic rules or guidelines that could help your brand (you) look better online and create an audience and community that is always excited to know what you’re working on.

Let’s get to it!

Uno: Work that Bio. Seriously.

This is where you say hello and it is so important! New potential followers got to you somehow and they are curious about you.

Let them know who you are but most importantly let them know what’s in it for them. People who don’t know you, don’t care about you. Ouch! I know. But! but! but! You can show that you care by providing good content and later they will care!

So make sure your bio says:

1-What you do (what they should expect).

2-A bit about you (what you stand for or aspire in life.)

3-Where you are located (like, Hoboken, NJ, for example).

4-Lastly your link. If you don’t have a website or link yet just share your most used social media other than Instagram for now. Check out my Instagram bio for an example.

But remember to be super original! Don’t copy other’s stuff. Be inspired and make your own!

If you plan to have an online business consider a website or YouTube channel to further engage your audience. More about these on later posts!

Dos: Have Your Names On Your Profile.

If you have a blog, brand or channel make sure you have it together with your name. This will make it easier to find you. For example, if you don’t know my name but know my blog you could search me and still find me. It’s that easy.

Tres: Treat Your Feed Like a Magazine. Because It Is!

Now I want you to think about your favorite Instagram accounts. I bet they are beautifully consistent with their style of pictures and captions.

You like them because you know what to expect from them and they deliver. When it comes to pictures, content, schedule and all that good stuff you must pick and stick! You wouldn’t find a Cosmopolitan style pic in an Entrepreneur magazine right?

This does’t mean you can’t break the routine every now and again. You should. But for the most part stay consistent.

Cuatro: Magazine Editors Edit. So Edit Your Photos Girl!

Well edited images are not pretentious. If you want to be professional do things like the professionals. Create beautiful images.

There are tons of free and paid apps that you can use right on your phone or computer to edit your feed. An app can enhance a photo so much! Trust me. Play with your photo editing skills. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Check out this great article on Instagram apps and all that cool stuff.

Cinco: Have a Brand Story.

So what is your story? What are you here to do? Are you looking to educate, inspire, entertain, inform? There is tons of ways to help others online.

You can combine a few different goals for your brand if you would like to. Decide on your three main objectives so that way you know later what kind of content to share more easily.

Seis: Choose You Colors.

Like I said before, brand consistency is huge. After learning how to edit and what you like or dislike pick one or two similar photo editing recipes that are the ones you always use with your pictures. This will give you a more cohesive feed and a more attractive aesthetic appeal.

Siete: Engage!

Okay. So all that work means nada if you don’t engage with people. Sometimes between creating and working our regular jobs it can be challenging. I myself disappeared from Instagram for a bit due to more than one family emergencies.

But unfortunately the online world is fast and it doesn’t care much that you just worked twelve hours. If your followers have a second to comment and like then you should too. That is what audiences expect.

Bonus o “La Ñapa”

Pro tip: visit the accounts of people that have a niche similar to yours and go check out their followers. Like two or three of their photos and leave one comment. This will potentially lead them back to your Instagram and they might do the same for you or even follow! But careful, not to look spammy. Like no more than two or three pictures per account.

I also recommend Iconosquare for managing your Instagram. There you can learn a lot about your followers and respond to comments easily.

The best way however is to stay on top of comments and reply right back or a soon as possible instead of letting them pile up like I did! I care about the people that show my still small account support so even if late I always reply and you should too.

I hope you found this post helpful. I tried to include everything I do but maybe you know a trick or two I don’t. What have you used to grow your Instagram? What is your biggest challenge when it comes to Instagram growth? Let me know in the comments so I can help out if I can!

Now go be an Influencer Chica!


Con mucho amor...

Ana Benzán
Ana Benzán

A tropical island born girl, digital educator, and blogger. My laptop, coffee, and WiFi are my version of Netflix and Chill. Oh! También hablo Español a la perfección. Whether you're here for Self-love or Mental Health content, or perhaps you're interested in reading about becoming an influencer from a Latina like myself. This space was designed with you in mind. Read on!

Ana Benzán
Ana Benzán

A tropical island born girl, digital educator, and blogger. My laptop, coffee, and WiFi are my version of Netflix and Chill. Oh! También hablo Español a la perfección. Whether you're here for Self-love or Mental Health content, or perhaps you're interested in reading about becoming an influencer from a Latina like myself. This space was designed with you in mind. Read on!

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  1. I agree that engagement is really important!! And personally, it’s my favorite part about Instagram! =)

    1. Hi Ana!

      Mine too! Creating community is one of the best things for sure! Thanks for the visit Ana! XOXO

Ana Benzán

A Self-Love and Mental Health advocate. My joy is in helping women get back to their Self-Loving nature to finally be able to manifest their lifelong desires. I started this blog to share more about my life as a Latina influencer as I navigate my Self-Love and Mental Health journey. I am a familia girl, so you’ll often find me having cafe and indulging in long convos con mi mama. I am not a fashion girl, instead I believe in the subtle and elegant language of estilo. Give me unforgettable memories, keep the expensive shoes. Enjoy this space. Mi casa es tu casa, bienvenida!

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